International electric


International Electric Guitar Competition
13-14. May 2023 Sofia Guitar Festival


We would like to present to your attention the First International Electric Guitar Competition in Sofia, Bulgaria!

There is only one age group 16+ years old and there is no upper age limit.
Every participant must perform 12 minutes of free choice program by memory. No sight-reading.
During the competition days the competitors must bring with them a USB flash drive with the backing tracks/singbacks of the selected pieces.
The audio tracks must be in mp3 format.
If  some competitors need some special effects during the performance, such as pedal board etc., they must provide it by themselves.

Participation’s fee50 euro

Important: the participants, which are under the age of 18, must be accompanied by someone who is above 18 years of age.


How to apply:

The registration for the competition is open from 03.01.2023 till 31.03.2023!

Required documents:
1. Proof of payment of the participation fee
2. Application form
3. Privacy policy agreement

All the above documents should be printed, signed, scanned, and sent to our email: no later than 31.03.2023!

Special offers for early registration!!!

If you register for participation before the end of January, the fee is 50% off.
Registration from 03.01.2023. till 31.01.2023 – 25 euro
Registration from 01.02.2023 till 31.03.2023 – 50 euro

Payment options:

  1. Bank transfer:

    Bank: KBC Bank Bulgaria EAD; Recipient: MEC SIX STRINGS SDRUZHENIE; IBAN: BG66RZBB91551013116354; BIC: RZBBBGSF
  2. PayPal:

    How it works: login to your personal PayPal account. Go to menu “Send and Request”. Go to “Send money” and type down our e-mail address in the field.

In case the participant doesn’t show up, the entry fee will not be refunded!


Goods provided by our sponsors!


The electric guitar professors of the National Music Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. More info about the jury and the prizes will be available soon on our Facebook page!